netherspite down, kz clear

Yeah, forgot to mention this last week, but my raid dropped Netherspite for the first time. This marked our first complete Karazhan clear, so go us or somesuch.

For a fist-kill the loot was bleh. I got lucky on our first Nightbane kill to walk away with my BP, but no such luck on mah pants! It really chaps my ass that the Spiteblade isn’t an upgrade. Damn you Blizzard! Where are the goddamned swords?!

Oh, wait. They’re in the next 2 tiers of content up. GG, assholes. If I keep pounding away at zee PvP I might get a new pair of swords sometime right before the expansion hits.

note: I don’t think I mentioned it in other wow-posts, but I’m the wtfpwn rogue in the middle with the mongoosed daggers.