ask and ye shall receive

In my previous lamentations regarding the recent WordPress 2.3 upgrade I bemoaned the lack of good options for splicing the new tagging into Technorati, which I had already grown accustomed to using. Will Garcia over at apparently shared my angst and, as coders do, solved the problem.

Enter WP23-Technorati-Tags. A few code changes to the theme and voila. The already-handled tagging supplies both local-cloud links and Technorati links. It’s a little redundant, ’tis true, but I’m sure I (or most likely someone else) will find a more elegant way to present that information. On first blush I’m thinking that use a “cloud” display for the local tags and leave the techno ones in the clean list format.

hmm, that is a good idea. Mayhaps I’ll look into that!

Now if I could only get WP to automatically put ALL of my posts into the same, single, ALREADY DEFAULT category we’d be golden.

I love upgrades.