what does god need with hecklers?

I love how the only real god is the retarded {Jew|muslim|gay|black} hating one. I don’t seem to remember that being in the pamphlets growing up. The fact that the “guest chaplain” didn’t tell these d-bags to go fuck themselves is a testament to his self-control and tolerance of those with significantly lacking mental and spiritual reserves.

It’s one thing to go fanatical zealot freak-o with the whole “thou shalt have no other god” thing in your personal life, but this is the Senate. This is the group of men and women elected to uphold the constitution and to serve the whole of their country. Not just the Christians. Not just the white, male land-owners. The whole god-damned country.

I can scarcely fathom how far one must have their head up their own (or a friends) ass to not embrace what actually makes this country worth a damn. America is and must be a plural society and our leaders must reflect that plurality – even if only once and a while.

Freedom of (and from) religion is important. The same rights that let you pray to baby Jesus implicitly protect the rights of others to praise Ganesha or no one at all. This should not be a difficult concept.

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