spam spam spam spam spam

Minor housekeeping and such this evening. Pay no mind if you’re looking for actual, you know, words and stuff. Dropped the 2.3.1 wordpress upgrade and a couple wp-plugs in/out/upgraded. I dropped the Technorati tag generator in favor of a newer iconic one. Saves an extra line on the posts and makes it nice and easy […]

what a concept

So I was browsing the referrer/stats/miscellany this afternoon and one of the links I followed led me to the best non-porn use on the interwebs – free shit. Take My Tech is a blog listing various pieces of used “tech stuff” and invites users to post comments for any item they’re interested in. When the […]

you’re no daisy

Pushing Daisies, however, most definitely is. This is the best new show I’ve seen in a crop of pretty damn good shows. I love the cast. I love the cinematography. I love the premise. Watch this show. edit: because some of you won’t get it…

what you should be watching

As is fast becoming infamous, I watch a lot of TV. So it’s no surprise when I break down the new hotness every fall. All good. Chuck (NBC, Monday) Journeyman (NBC, Monday) Reaper (CW, Tuesday) Dirty Sexy Money (ABC, Wednesday) Lucy The Daughter of the Devil (Toon, Sunday) Bionic Woman (NBC, Wednesday) All bad. Big […]

ask and ye shall receive

In my previous lamentations regarding the recent WordPress 2.3 upgrade I bemoaned the lack of good options for splicing the new tagging into Technorati, which I had already grown accustomed to using. Will Garcia over at apparently shared my angst and, as coders do, solved the problem. Enter WP23-Technorati-Tags. A few code changes to […]