netherspite down, kz clear

Yeah, forgot to mention this last week, but my raid dropped Netherspite for the first time. This marked our first complete Karazhan clear, so go us or somesuch. For a fist-kill the loot was bleh. I got lucky on our first Nightbane kill to walk away with my BP, but no such luck on mah […]

water is serious business

You and my condo association both, pally. Yes, my roof still leaks. Needless to say, that makes the recent weather patterns especially troubling. I wrote a pleasant letter to the “administrator” over a year ago when the leak first appeared. I’ve been attempting to follow up via phone on and off since then. Best line […]

work and the lack thereof

So yeah, I haven’t had a job since October of last year. It’s an interesting experience, actually. A wild confluence of events turned a 3-month “break” into what may amount into nearly a full year off. I guess at that point you can call it a sabbatical or something? At any rate, I’m cranking out […]

diet coke on the side

Holy crap. I can barely polish off one of those 1lb. burgers at Hardees without feeling full. I should see if they’ll serve me one of these bad boys. No ketchup though, that just makes it sloppy. From what I understand people are actually “protesting” this. OH NOS someone will think it’s cool and get […]

optional extras

I don’t care how much this costs. I wants it. My precious… edit: for more details.

the obligatory shout out

So a guildmate and friend of mine is taking a year off of law school to campaign for Barack Obama. That is, in a nutshell, wicked cool. To chronicle his adventures and to keep in touch with those of us who merely comment on politics rather than put any actual effort in he’s started up […]