at worlds end is good

Because not all entries can have even remotely witty titles. Decent movie, really. Best of the three at any rate as this one had a recognizable plot. Anyway, good “official” start to the summer movie season. Tomorrow-ish I’ll go see Oceans 13.

auch, mein console!

Caught this over at Lum’s shack today and had to join in the viral love. Enjoy. edit: Video fixed after some YouTube searching. The original was blitzed by a DMCA claim. How a foreign entity (German) can file a DMCA claim in America and somehow get to avoid our fair-use laws is beyond my understanding.

success, part 2

A last-minute run last night yielded our guild-first Prince Malchezaar kill. So-so loots, but a win is a win is a win. Sadly I can’t claim the win as my own but we wouldn’t be standing there without my work so my ego stands just fine. We’re back on my raids this week so the […]

odds and ends

Paris is in jail, and apparently a giant. One of my most favorite mod sites, Gazzmik Fizzwidgets, is down. Has been for days. Get well soon? GUILD DRAWMA! IGE sued for raping the economy. <3? WarHammer Online beta opened (at some point) – good luck? Zombies! This linkbomb has been brought to you today by […]