late to the party

I added this button/link to the sidebar today, realizing that I’m about 6 months late. All info is good info though, right? Anywho… click it. Check the info and keep your little one safe and healthy.

spider-man is sad

A week later than intended I managed to catch an iMax showing of Spider-Man 3… By my unofficial count, there were no less than 950 crying scenes. It was ridiculous. Which is unfortunate as the movie, outside the fucking emo, wasn’t horrible. At least from a CGI perspective. As is his modus operandi over the […]

mob rule for great justice!

I ran across this on this morning and had to link it up. Jail Paris Hilton (sign here if you’re down like that) He’s actually got a free Paris one as well, which is losing by a minimum of 2:1 to the jail version. (40k vs 20k) Honestly though, given the facts of her […]

when webgames attack

For whatever reason I seemed to have forgotten to mention that I was playing a neat little webgame called inselkampf. It’s quite fun, but be prepared for a rough entry. It’s not my particular bag, but new players should give world2 a try first as it just opened this week and you won’t be facing […]

i <3 free weekends

NCSoft and/or Cryptic Studios are certifiable geniuses. Not necessarily in the money-hat-factory sense of Blizzard, but they’re certainly putting in the effort. About a week ago I received an email warning me of the impending “free weekend” for City of Heroes. The free weekend is exactly that – free. No muss, no fuss, just log […]