truer words and whatnot

from Christopher Diggins, courtesy of O’Reilly &

So instead interviews are going to people who has have been suckling the corporate teat since they graduated from university only a couple of years ago. There is a lot these people don’t know about the business and practice of writing software.

If you are running an IT company, I would suggest that you take a long hard look at your applicant screening process. Perhaps you should consider getting your lead developers involved in the initial screening of applicants. You might have missed an opportunity to hire someone like myself, and instead find yourself having to choose from a bunch of inexperienced college grads, demanding far too much money for what they can actually do for your company.

While I can’t always say I love my job, I certainly enjoy being gainfully employed. If I were to look for a new job I’d be fighting against hordes of would-be IT noobs with shiney new diplomas and zero knowledge of how the real world works. Not that there aren’t some bright kids coming out of schools these days, but BOOKS != REALITY. Quoting me some passage from the appendices of your textbook is useless dick-waving if it doesn’t solve the problem at hand or at least tangentially relate.

Fucking posers.