faith, hope and a trick

Another weekend-long movie binge is behind me and I want to get the fuck out of the office fast as it’s a Monday.

Saturday I headed on over to the iMax @ Star Cinema. Boy was I pleased with that decision. The movie in and of itself wasn’t the best thing ever, but the sheer spectacle of it combined with 3D goggles and an iMax screen was just overwhelming. I can’t see how Superman will ever measure up in another medium… Spacey’s rendition of Lex Luther is as good if not a scosh better than Rosenbaum’s character on Smallville – whom I consider, at this point, to be the definitive Lex. At least as far as live action goes. The rest of the cast/movie is meh. Sorry kids but Singer & Spacey carried the flic as far as I’m concerned. You didn’t do a BAD job either, which is unfortunate. If you had I could just point out some stupid thing and say “hahaha, you suck” and we could both just move on. Instead you end up just being fairly expensive props.

Sunday rolled around and I made my first foray to the cesspit that is Marcus theaters in months to catch that flic people are all talking about. {Insert “meh” here} I won’t go so far as to say it was shitty shitty stinky farty smelly, but it certainly wasn’t entertaining. Even Keira was annoying which shouldn’t even be physically possible. Orlando did his level best to act himself out of a wet paper sack and failed miserably…again. Not even the Depp could save this train wreck. *ring* *ring* er…hello? Oh, Dead Man’s Chest it’s for you. It’s A COHESIVE FUCKING PLOT calling. Apparently you slipped it a roofie, stole it’s car and left town. You cheeky bastard.

In betwix the main stage was nestled a diamond in the rough. I speak, of course, of the Cinemax HD Saturday premiere of Wedding Crashers. Two words: FUN NY. This was my first viewing and I laughed just about the entire way through. Rachel McAdams was lovely, as always and the Wilson/Vaughn duet played perfectly. Kudos chaps. Kudos.