british invasion ’06

Generally speaking the domestic seasons for the television have all finished their runs, much to the chagrin of my DVR. But hark, what light through yonder big-screen breaks? It is the east…ish. BBC America to my rescue.

First off let me say that I LOVE watching parliamentary proceedings on the CSPAN. If our officials had half the emotional involvement in their daily proceedings it’d be an incalculable improvement for everyone involved. Don’t get me wrong, they’re still politicians and I’m sure they get 3 things wrong for every one thing they get right, but by god they’re animated! I watched a good run where the two warring factions were rallying alternatively behind Blair and the opposition leader and it was crazy! The crowd literally roared at more than one point and was constantly cheering, jeering and heckling. “Awesome” doesn’t seem to be adequate…

The Thick of It is like the UK version of Spin City or somesuch. No… that can’t be right, because this is actually funny. Hilariously funny, actually. I’m still trying to pick up the whole scope of the story, but it seems to follow the adventures of Hugh Abbot, the beleaguered low-ranking Minister for something something. I’m not sure he even knows, really. My vote is for funny. Watch!

Hex is like Buffy meets Dark Shadows meets … crikey, I have no idea. I’ve seen 3 episodes now and I still don’t have the first clue as to what the fuck is happening. After checking the website things are slightly clearer. Slightly. … No. No they’re not. Not at all. I don’t care, it’s interesting enough to watch until SG-1 starts again. Which, I might add, is in 3 weeks.

Spaced starts this week. I think you’ll recognize the male lead. The previews look funny. I expect funny. It better be funny.

The IT Crowd is funny, in a mammy blackface aunt Jemimah stereotypical way. It doesn’t bother me much, it’s not as if geekdom is really THAT far off from what people think, but their HAHAHA TECH SUPPORT IS ANTISOCIAL CLOWN SHOES HAHA crap is a few shades shy of good. If you’ll permit me to be an elitist prick for a moment I will say that in my experience the people who actually believe that’s what “all” IT people are like are the ones that are patently computarded and can’t stand the fact that other people aren’t. I’ve never understood that type of moron, honestly. I’m not an accountant, I don’t take personal offense to someone who knows how to use an actuarial table. I might take offense TO an acturial table, but that’s a completely different psychosis.

All that aside I do laugh occasionally, which is unfortunate as I’ve only been able to catch the torrents from the BBC mothership. They are apparently selective as to what hits the Yankee station. God knows why Are You Being Served is taking up precious airtime… Upside is that at least 2 newer episodes are available online now so I can catch those. Score for countries where the digital inquisition hasn’t taken complete hold.