/wave scooter

In shocking news today I. Lewis “Scooter” Libby was indicted for (among other things) perjury in the Plame Affair. One can only hope Karl “teflon” Rove’s liability shield (which I’m sure is extensive) will crumble under the newly expanded inquiry and pummellings by the oh so observent media.

On the positive side at least Scooter had the good sense to resign when caught red-handed, unlike the other felons in waiting he hangs with…

In other news of victories for the non-evil and unstupids – Harriet “the most qualified candidate ever” Miers withdrew her nomination to the Supreme Court amidst waning (non-existant?) support from the left AND the right.

I always chuckle when the right starts eating its own. When the Republicans are on their game they are legion – over-zealous, unbearably self-rightous and quite unstoppable. That is until one of their patriarchs puts his halfwit son on the throne and bones the lot of us for an indeterminant (and likely LOOOOOOONG) stretch of our collective future.

The Democratic party is an apathetic mish-mash of ideals that only half the people believe half of the time. “We” nominate the lowest common denominator among us under the false hope that if we pick someone so mediocre that he could actually get elected.

Fuck that noise.

I want a candidate who will fight, tooth and bloody nail, for everything he believes in irrespective of how it “plays in the ‘burbs”. Energize the public! Don’t pander to some subsection. Don’t whore out your beliefs, your very soul, for a polling bump. Represent the best in all of us. Please.

It’d be nice to go vote and not feel like I need a shower afterwards…