’tis the season

I’ve survived the opening slavos of fall premieres and damnation if there isn’t a crop of actual good shows! I can hardly believe it myself.

How I Met Your Mother (new)
pros: mostly funny, “fresh” talent, Doogie!
cons: mostly funny, “fresh” talent, Doogie.
verdict? It’s still on the DVR record schedule, time will tell.

Bones (new)
pros: David Boreanaz
cons: Fox, yet another forensic procedural, Fox.
verdict? Angel is playing a role he’s perfect for, he’s just got it down cold. I already can’t stand Emily Deschanel though. I guess you’re only allowed to hit the genetic lottery once per family? Again, it’ll keep being DVR’d until it bothers me enough to delete it.

Supernatural (new)
pros: genre show, good premise
cons: bad dialog
verdict? I can’t stress how bad the dialog in the premiere was. It was just plain ugly. I have no +/- feelings with the cast, both faces are familiar from solid runs on Smallville and Gilmore Girls so the acting part seems fine. I actually bumped the priority of this up on the DVR as I enjoyed the premiere quite a bit. But that dialog… oy. I’ll watch the second episode tomorrow sometime, hopefully it will improve.

Threshold (new)
pros: genre show in HD, Carla Gugino, Brent Spiner
cons: Weak scripting, bad pacing.
verdict: It’s in HD. I can’t tell you how much nicer the world is in HD. The premise of the show is solid, the acting is good and the production values are there, unfortunately even in the 2-hour premiere they spent so much time in bland exposition that it might as well came with an accompanying book report. Even WITH that they dropped the ball in some pretty sizable areas. It adds up to a lot of wasted screen time and a very akward flow. This will stay on the DVR until it forces me to remove it. HD mang. HD!

Prison Break (new)
pros: Dominic Purcell, great premise
cons: It’s dumb.
verdict: The one and only new show that I deleted from the DVR queue so far. I removed it after watching the 2nd episode but taped the 3rd just in case. Nope, still dumb. It’s a shame too, Dominc Purcell has some great acting chops. Maybe if Fox wouldn’t have fucked over John Doe… *sigh*

Gilmore Girls (returning)
pros: You’re kidding, right?
cons: None. Move along, jackass.
verdict? Is my girly side showing? I could give a damn. It’s hard enough finding shows that don’t treat the viewer like a slack-jawed simpleton, I’m not about to not watch this one because it revolves around the ladies. This is the show Sex and the City wished it could have someday been, but never came remotely close. Ever. Last season was phenomenal, truly exceptional television. This season is continuing on with those arcs and seems to have lost none of the luster. It’s smart, it’s witty and you should be watching it.

Arrested Development (returning)
pros: … fuck it, we’re going straight to verdict. The premiere was the funniest thing I’ve seen in a long time. The comedy is fresh and smart and the acting is top-notch. Even the pre-premiere bumps were inspired comedy. WATCH THIS SHOW.

Family Guy (returning)
I honestly didn’t enjoy last season much. I may have even missed a few episodes. Not so with this season. It’s back to what it was in the beginning and possibly even moreso.

American Dad (returning)
I saw maybe 4 episodes of this last season. Never struck me as all that great. After taking the first two hits from this season I can admit that I may have been … in error.

Battlestar Galactica (returning)
Season 2 doesn’t seem as “good” as season 1. Don’t know what it is. It’s still an exceptionally well-written, acted, produced and scored show. It’s just not ZOMG ZOMG BSG IS ON ZOMG! right now. Faith manages and all that.

Stargate SG-1 (returning)
Ben & Claudia, together again: Love it. I never gave the two of them enough credit in Farscape. I can see that now. The plot-lines this year have been clean and the writing has been good. I enjoy seeing an aging franchise use it’s history as a vehicle to tell stories and explore issues that a fledgling show would get beaten up over. Maybe I read too much into the current arcs because I’m a fan. It’s entirely possible I see subtle subtext and depth where none intentionally exists. Oh, and the rest of the cast is, you know, awesome too…even without Jack (two “l”s) 🙁

I’m heading back to the nest for a DU dinner shortly so I’ll cut this off here. West Wing, CSI and a host of other premieres should hit between now and my next ramble. Enjoy!