’tis the season: reloaded

So time has like, passed and whatnot…

My Name is Earl is off the DVR schedule. Sorry.
Bones is on the bubble. Zooey Deschanel is so cute, but her sister really bothers me for some reason.
How I Met Your Mother is as well. It’s funny, but it’s not Arrested Development or Scrubs.
The West Wing … I want to say “wow”, but at some point the bar has to be raised for a show. The season premiere, compared to other “shows”? Awesome. Compared to what I expect from WW? Average.
Supernatural continues to impress, it’s a nice little genre show – WATCH ME!
E-Ring is the new JAG, I wager I’ll follow the same pattern as with its predecessor. Watch until it jumps the shark and then bid it adeu. Kelly Rutherford though. God she’s still ridiculously hot. Nabbing that IMDB link reminded me of 2003’s Threat Matrix, in which she also starred. sadf^2.

Upcoming — Smallville starts tonight, Alias soon. huzzah, etc.