these aren’t the voyages you’re looking for

Enterprise has come and gone with narry a whimper, let alone a bang. Why a cast of that quality (regardless of fame) bothered to even make that show past season two is beyond me. Manny Coto and Mike Sussman should have been given full control a long time ago. In A Mirrior, Darkly was the best Trek I’ve seen since DS9. Empress Sato. EMPRESS FRICKING SATO. ‘nuf said, no? Note: Call me Linda, I <3 u.

I choose to ignore the meh 2-part finale that followed, I have to believe that it was written as the cliffhanger/prep for a never-to-be-made season 5. Then we have the series coda, These Are The Voyages, which featured none other than Jon Frakes and Marina Sirtis of TNG infamy. I can deal with that, I actually like Riker and have grown to not be bothered by Sirtis. The problem, dear reader(s?), is that this particular shitfest was written by Trek leeches Rick Berman and Brannon Braga who are, shall we say, bastards. Brent Spiner is credited as well but I can’t believe he actually wrote any of it as his other forays into behind-the-scenes work were, you know, good. The B&B are quite possibly the worst thing to happen to the Trek franchise since losing Roddenberry. The are, to put it simply, idiots. The pair of them. Manny Coto, had he been given the power earlier, could have saved the show. Not necessarily from cancellation mind you as the networks are increasingly fickle when it comes to genre shows, but from being an abomination unto the franchise. A score of good writing and superior casting saved DS9 with poor Voyager never getting a fair shake to begin with. The iffy (if promising) cast was crippled by idiots running the show.

I wish I cared about the show ending, but it really is for the best. I’m rooting for the cast, I actually enjoyed watching them all. Even the horribly miscast T’Pol