mega movie marathon monday

It was too hot to do anything this weekend, so I cranked up the AC and watched the telly. Then I cranked up the AC in the car, sat in the glorious AC of the theater and watched a movie there. Back to the homestead, AC and more movies.

Chuck and the Chocolate Factory was a fine summer movie. I doubt it’ll find a place on my DVD wall of hugeness. It is far, FAR less creepy than the hype would have you believe and quite frankly I don’t find that to be a good thing. The production was high-quality througout and Roald Dahl gave this movie his complete support. I’ve never read the book, so take that for what it’s worth… Shocker, Johnny Depp does a good job playing an eccentric, larger-than-life lunatic.

On to the actual marathon…

So I flip on the TV and the DVR was just chock full of stuff I hadn’t seen yet. First up was Harold and Kumar Go to White Castle. I gotta say I poo-poo’d this movie when I saw the previews. Wow, a new version of Half BakedUp in Smoke, that HAS to be good, right? RIGHT!? Well, it actually was. In fact I think I laughed more at this movie than at its forebears. The Neal Patrick Harris cameo was fucking comedic gold. Gold I tells ya! That boy needs more mainstream work or something. His IMDB listing is meaty enough but I’ve heard of a half-dozen of those flics at best and seen only 2…well 3 if you count that dreadful MTV Spider-Man series.

Next up was Garden State. Scrubs alone puts Zack Braff on my comedy A-list, who’d a thunk the guy is one of the most profound young writers of the day? I dunno what’s up with me lately, I seem to be in a particular funk from which there is no escape. Normally this kind of emotional lethargy would be troublesome, but I think I kind of enjoy it. Makes life interesting at any rate… Eternal Sunshine hit me the same way as this movie did. There’s some sort of resonance that I can’t explain.

I just don’t get Natalie Portman though. She’s a emotionless, rigid, ice-queen in 3 Star Wars movies yet she reveals this resevoir of emotion and soul that makes one question one’s own depths. Barring her new shaven skull in V for Vendetta this is likely the least physically attractive she’s appeared in a movie in a long time, yet I couldn’t help thinking that I’ve never seen her so lovely.

Re-watched Sky Captain. I still think it’s a fun flic. It looks like as time went on the reviews got much better than they were initially, I see rotten tomatoes bounced up to a solid 73%.

Returner – still as bad as it was when I rented it. I’m all for chop-sockey dubbed flics but they’ve got to have SOME redeemable qualities. Shaolin Soccer and Kung-Fu Hustle were both incredibly bad movies, but they were at least fun to watch. Comparing Returner to say House of Flying Daggers is like comparing Rambo to The Deer Hunter.

Through all that I still managed to find time to watch 4 hours of SciFriday. I’ll get to that in another post later – suffice it to say: DAAAAY-UM.