fan-tastic 4

Short version: zomgwtfbbq.

Long version: zomgwtfbbq (times infinity)

In all seriousness, great flic. I walked in with zero expectations or even hopes for the movie. But wow.

I’ve never been a big FF fan, with the X4 mini and Ultimate FF runs being the only recent exceptions. The FF origin story was expertly told with very little meddling with canon. The cast melded perfectly and everyone played their roles with precision. Julian McMahon shows some serious acting chops as Doc Doom and Michael Chiklis captured the broody Thing persona as if he had lived the role his entire life. The article about him in a recent Maxim lends me to believe the nightmarish make-up ordeal he had to go through every morning for the part gave him no end of inspiration. They spared no expense making Sue Storm into a sexpot, but with Jessica Alba playing the part it’d be hard not to. Relative newcomer Chris Evans did a good job playing the Torch, the relationship between he and the Thing was executed well. Interesting how the two strongest performances came from the folks who have their own shows on FX… plug: Watch the Shield and nip/tuck or your life will indeed be forfeit.

The movie is pretty predictable, but then again all comic movies should be given that they’re usually not original works to begin with. It’s not as if you didn’t know how Spider-Man would end. Marvel has definately set up another strong franchise. If they can figure out a way to bring FF-class baddies into a good story in the next movie remains to be seen, there’s only so many times you can dip into the Doom well, and I don’t think Galactus translates well to Joe Average.

The movie is ridiculously funny, I can’t count how many times the entire theater burst into laughter at honest to goodness funny moments. Not *groan* how lame, or kick-in-the-nuts schlock either – Actual humor. Kudos to the writing staff and the actors for acing the execution.

Oh, before I forget: They’re making a sequel to The Transporter… I’m not exactly sure what to make of that. Personally I enjoyed the first one, but I’m infamous for collecting shitty movies. The screenplay was written by Luc Beson. Which gives me hope as he did the original as well. Again – I liked the 5th Element too, so take that all with a heaping large grain of salt.