anna nalick

Is it just me or is Anna Nalick Sarah McLachlan: The Next Generation?

I heard most of the album over the weekend, it’s quite good. Reminds me a lot of some of Sarah’s work in the 90’s. That’s a good thing for those of you keeping score at home. I have high hopes for this one, maybe she’ll succeed in not being a soulless corporate zombie longer than 1 whole album. She even looks sort of like Sarah. Eerie, but in a good way methinks. The first single is hitting the video channels now with a good reception, should start hearing it on ClearChannel the radio anytime now given that she’s on Columbia. Time will tell…

Funny sidebar, whilst googling for the link to Michelle Branch above I came to the conclusion that she must have got bonked pretty hard from the entirely lackluster sophomore “effort” of hers last year. I get doing things for money and all that, but jebus girl, you actually have talent – you don’t NEED to go a-whoring. She’s now in a duo called The Wreckers with some blonde girl I’ve never heard of. Apropo title for certain, in a year they can change it to past-tense.

Anywho, pick this one up if you can. It’s worth the 11$ or pir-8 liability if you are so inclined.

postscript: I actually BOUGHT this CD. I know, how fucked up is that? The RIAA can thank Columbia and BestBuy, 9.99 for a DRM-free CD was cheaper than buying 11 tracks at .99 from iTunes and suffering through AAC bullshit.

I’m playing the original CD in my car, it occupies slot number 4 in the changer. I am also playing the mp3’s from my desk right this second. Suck it. Suck it down.

(i rule you)