putting the cliff back in cliffhanger

Alias was, bar-none, the best show on television this season. Disagree if you must, but that would make you an idiot. So don’t do it. Ass. The entire season, from start to finish, was an amazing arc with superior acting and writing. I just watched my DVR’d copy of the season finale and I’m still […]

these aren’t the voyages you’re looking for

Enterprise has come and gone with narry a whimper, let alone a bang. Why a cast of that quality (regardless of fame) bothered to even make that show past season two is beyond me. Manny Coto and Mike Sussman should have been given full control a long time ago. In A Mirrior, Darkly was the […]

finally, the finale…to the beginning

Like most other beings of limited-or-greater sentience I went out to see the thrilling conclusion to the prequel trilogy, Star Wars: Episode 3: Revenge of the Sith. Upside: It didn’t suck. Downside: 1/3 is a good batting average – not so much for a movie trilogy. The movie was well-plotted and the actors from across […]