So you want to be a hero?

Doesn’t everybody?

A wanker from Milwaukee, who will go unnamed, has been gushing like a little schoolgirl about City of Heroes for a couple weeks on a near-daily basis. Combined with the unholy amount of BEST GAM EVAR I hear in IRC all day long these days a situation was created for which there is only one response – preorder.

At present I am just passing the first hour mark of the download and as luck would have it my super l337 bandwidth pulls it down at 60 whole k/s. 60! I know, I know – but HF how can you possibly be downloading a file at that speed? It’s unbelievable!

Some of us are just blessed with fat pipes I guess.

I’ll post something sane after this pig finishes… 2 nevers from now.

edit: Blessed be, the game doesn’t suck. The controls are a bit nuanced but once you get used to them it’s not bad. The game systems seem serviceable and I dare say even the Wolverine and Hulk knock-offs on every corner aren’t nearly as offensive as say a horde of Drizzzt, Drizzyt, Drizit’s, et al.