final friends fandango

So I unplugged last night and settled into the nice grooves on the couch for some must-see TV. With all the craptacular reality programming and mindless dren floating about the airwaves these days NBC has been one of the last bations of non-cable hope for those dwindling few of us who don’t mind thinking and/or having an emotional connection with a character. I have long feared that the quantity of garbage would continue to grow until achieving some sort of critical mass wherein cameras are simply installed in every living room in America just for the sake of convenience.
After the Friends finale and ER season finale (minus one) my typically dour outlook brightened. Considerably.

The first hour of the Friends series finale was one of those silly clip shows. For the life of me I can’t understand what the point of all that is. Do they honestly think anyone watching the series finale of a show ending its 10-year run needs a retrospective? We were there dumbasses. We remember just fine.

The actual hour-long finale episode was a peach. I caught myself laughing maniacally for just about the entire length. The writing was spot on and the cast clearly put everything they had into it. The story was essentially a 2-parter looking at Chandler and Monica’s incoming baby and the “about goddamned time” resolution to the whole Ross and Rachel thing.

It certainly was a significant improvement over the Seinfeld finale, and there’s no question which show I enjoyed more over the duration…