pardon me while i drool

Headed out to Waukesha over the weekend to see Troy with the feebs out east. Then saw it again the next day. I have nothing more to say on the subject. Really, I don’t. Just go see it. It’s like Gladiator. But better. Much, much better.

about time indeed

Today marked the release of Movable Type 3 Developer Edition. Normally such an event would be met with much rejoicing of the unwashed masses. Not so in this case as bloggers far and wide are making with the wails and gnashing of teeth usually reserved for MMO launches.While I don’t have some ultra-huge system happening […]

final friends fandango

So I unplugged last night and settled into the nice grooves on the couch for some must-see TV. With all the craptacular reality programming and mindless dren floating about the airwaves these days NBC has been one of the last bations of non-cable hope for those dwindling few of us who don’t mind thinking and/or […]

say it ain’t so, leo

Leo Laporte is reporting that G4, the new owner of TechTV, gave everyone in San Francisco their walking papers. Between you, me and the fishes this has got to be one of the most inane decisions in media since Fox cancelled Firefly. I’m far from the target demographic for the shows but I have no […]