holy pink and yellow spandex batman!

City of Heroes launched publically today, much to the fanfair of it’s players. Never have I bore witness to such a smooth launch. We’ll see if the NCSoft billing servers hold up as well as everything else did so far. Thread In Progress <– edit (10/3/07) I actually had forums when I wrote this. durrrr

hombre en fuego

I saw the Punisher not long ago and for the most part enjoyed the experience. I went in to the movie with full knowledge of the more juicier tidbits of Frank Castles origin and where the movie was supposed to be going. Little did I know that the real Punisher was 2 weeks away. In […]

Kill Quentin (volume 2)

I watched Ebert & Roper’s review of part 2 of Tarantino’s latest creation with great hope. Both loved the movie, going so far as to say that after seeing volume 2 they liked volume 1 even more. Well 1 out of 2 ain’t bad, I guess. The film opened with a blissfully short recap of […]

Punisher No Punishment!

Last night I was able to see the latest Marvel page-to-screen adaptation. As the title suggests it was The Punisher and, well, me rikey. Note: For title complaints please see DiscoKid of #p2p “fame” (sorcery.net). Thomas Jayne plays the title character facing off against his arch nemesis played by John Travolta. Rebecca Romijn (now single) […]

So you want to be a hero?

Doesn’t everybody? A wanker from Milwaukee, who will go unnamed, has been gushing like a little schoolgirl about City of Heroes for a couple weeks on a near-daily basis. Combined with the unholy amount of BEST GAM EVAR I hear in IRC all day long these days a situation was created for which there is […]

the mission is what matters

The summer movie season has gotten off to a great start. Hellboy and Walking Tall were both serviceable flics and the long tradition of huge-budget “historical” was extended with The Alamo. Short version: Decent flic, see it. Having the best historical education a Midwestern public school can provide in addition to never having even met […]


postNuke, while robust, is not the content manager that I would have liked. Having a hojillion options at your disposal when all you really needed is something to dump nicely formated text is just silly. I’ll rip the phpBB forums out sometime next week and restore the proper functionality to them. Oh, and pretty up […]