The post without fear

Despite feeling like absolute shit today (and calling in sick) I did manage to go see Daredevil, read on true believers.

So I roll up on the thizeater about 10 minutes before the movie is scheduled to start – breaking my own internal rule of not arriving to movies late but I decided to see the show anyway instead of getting lunch and catching a later one. Not necessarily information that you need to know, but it allows me to build up the fate-factor when I say that I sat down just in time to see the last 9 of 1094120 trailers attached to the movie.

Two of which: Hulk and X-Men 2. Hulk looks amazing, the people in charge of dolling out these Marvel projects are doing an amazing job of picking talent. Ang Lee (of Ice Storm and Crouching Tiger fame) is directing and if the trailer is any indication they seem to have translated the comic vision to the big screen. On to X^2…

I want it to have my babies.

If the trailer is to be believed we’re going to get 2 hours of about 20-some Mutants from various generations of the X-family. To which I can only say – OMFG. I was worried verily when they said that Nightcrawler was to be included in this movie but if the trailer is any indication they pulled it off in spectacular fashion. Methinks these 2 movies will set a new standard for comic-translations much like the *original* Batman did way back when and like Blade and X-Men have in more recent times.

My review of DD? It was good. If it had come out before Spider Man I think it would have been a lot beter in comparison. There’s about 4 scenes that are directly snagged from SM. Still a good flic, but because SM did it first it wins out. Granted I’m still giddy from the X^2 trailer some 4 hours later so my word ain’t the best to take currently.

‘nuf said.