Oh no Mr. Bill!

Caught Kill Bill part 1 before I headed up north.

The short version?

Sweet. Hella fucking sweet.

First off, let me state that it chaps my ass to high heaven when the current god’s gift to movies director wants me to believe that their latest magical blockbuster opus is sooo good that it can’t be properly edited to approach standard viewing lengths.

Reality check: Shakespeare you boys ain’t.

Obviously there are exceptional cases where I don’t mind the splits – Lord of the Rings, Star Wars (the REAL trilogy), Godfather, et al. The jury is still out on Matrix. Who the fuck plans THAT un-cliffhanger? The fucking trailer has a better arc than Reloaded.

Anywho, back to Kill Bill. This movie, while only a duo, will work as separate entities. Why? Tarantino used a storytelling format that effectively contained the action into “chapters” so when you arrive at the “end” 2 hours in you’re not left feeling like someone just slammed your balls in a car door for 10 minutes. Top it off with the fact that there was a legitimate cliffhanger at the very, VERY end that was properly prefaced at the beginning of the movie and you have a winner.

As with all Tarantino flics this one is laced with profanity and a bit o’ the ultraviolence. I place it somewhere between Clerks and Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back on the shitty-shitty-fuck-fuck-o-meter. Tarantino makes effective use of anime for the entirety of one chapter, which is the origin of Lucy Lui’s character. Without spoiling it I will say that this is the only way to tell this particular chapter that both fits with the power of the movie without compromising the content of the scene. That and it’s always good when the plebs are shown real anime that defies the common perception that it’s all school girl uniforms and tentacle rape…wait, what was she wearing again?

Now to fast-forward in time to the release of volume 2…

edit: Be careful what you wish for, I guess.