what about the children?

So I was browsing Blues this morning and I came upon this doozy… Not for the faint of heart or people with > 5 brain cells.

ABC News is reporting that “U.S. Army Recruits Teens With Internet Game” that involves both “Simulated Sniping ” and “putting kids in the role of being shooters and snipers.”

Short response: Fuck you Mr. Thompson.
Long response: RAISE YOUR OWN FUCKING CHILD AND STAY THE HELL OUT OF MY COMPUTER. If you don’t want your child to play a game that by and large is one of the most interesting things to hit the FPS genre in years – fine, you do that. But don’t play this bullshit “I’m a father and that means my vote is > you” game.

Yes, America’s Army (AA) features true-to-life gun play and realistic warfare scenarios, including *gasp* BLOOD. Sweet Jesus Almight! Alert CNN…er ABC.

If you actually knew anything about AA you’d realize that at it’s core this “game” is nothing more than a recruitment tool for our ailing armed forces. The game treats you just like a new recruit with all the responsibilities therein. I for one am very happy to see the Army rolling with the times we live in and putting forth actual effort to introduce concepts like honor and responsibility. Oh, you mean Jacky boy forgot to mention that the game actually ENDS if you conduct yourself dishonorably? What a shocker.

You sir, are a douche.