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drop rate smrop rate

After 2 days of battling the 1st Ulduar boss (the instance server) we finally managed to get IN the damned zone with 20-some. Flame Leviathan was a blast and, like most guilds, dropped it on our first run.

For the last couple hours of the day today the leadership and I had been discussing what to do about the legendary du jour if and when our first fragment dropped. Some things were discussed, not really things I liked, but it was a good discussion to have. My parting shot before I left work was “think about it over the weekend, we’ll vote on Monday”. I guess my assumption was that we’d get, at most, 2 bosses down tonight and that there’s no possible way we’d see this rare item.


So we had a quick meeting and voted on the course of action we thought best for the time being. not really something I was looking for, but such is life in a republic… or reasonable facsimile thereof.

Regardless, a big G-rats to my homeskillet Liandroa on his first fragment. Only 29 more to go!

the twilight has been assisted

We’re happily clearing heroic Naxx every week now so we’ve started peppering in more difficult Sartharion and Malygos attempts. Malygos is a beast in heroic and frankly pretty soul-crushing when shit takes a turn. If you give the thumbnail a whack and load up the hi-rez you can see the skeletons left over from the 2 or 3 previous wipes.

My team’s normally on top of things but these days the attention span is rather thin. Not so thin as to preclude our first Sartharion+1 kill tonight though, so hoorah for our side!

I don’t recall what the loot was but I’m sure the winners were pleased. I’m camped out at #1 on our suicide kings list patiently waiting my spot at the trough.

You will be mine…oh yes, you will be mine.

and then there was one

First full clear of heroic Naxxramas is under our belts. Not nearly as hard as I expected, but still far easier than I’d have liked. Sapphiron was tough, especially since a great number of our players haven’t seen him in Naxx-10 yet either. No Calamity dropped; maybe next week :)

I’ll throw some pics up tomorrow after my early appointments. The new dropbox sync I’ve got rolling on the various folders has been working slick!

edit: pics!

arachnids have wings?

Not anymore?

Finally got a chance to kick the tires on the new raiding setup last night. We took 21 into the Arachnid Quarantine Zone and had a grand ol’ time with much achievementing and whatnot. We also managed to nab the achievement for dropping Sartharion with a mere 20 raiders. The loots were phat and plentiful. 15 suicide pieces, including 2 upgrades for moi. Lost the shot at the Fury of the Five Flights but I did grab Dawnwalkers and a Widow’s Fury for my troubles. A Webbed Death dropped as well.

I know I promised some pics so I’ll get to it later, promise. I’m thinking it might be useful to symlink my wowpics folder to DropBox or maybe the new LiveSpaces thing that I picked up the other month. Still gotta find a better way to push images. PWA is fine, but clunky for blogginatin.

you are not prepared

Arthas, The Lich King

Yeah, yeah, that was last expansion, but this one doesn’t have a fancy tag line. While I cheated and back-dated this particular post, I WAS waiting in line at midnight. It capped off an excessively long day of driving back from South Dakota (more on that later) and then driving back to Madison from my parents home up north. Two hour nap, then off to wait in line…

What a line it was, too. I had my pre-order waiting at the local Best Buy and the line went halfway around the store. I had my copy in-hand around 12:30am and the line was actually longer than it was when I arrived at 11:30.

Of special note was the conversations of a couple scrubs standing behind me in line. One, apparently, plays a rogue. Poorly, from what I can gather. Anyone who’s done specific content more than once can readily identify folks who haven’t, but insist that they have. Protip: Knowing acronyms and a scan of the BossKillers strat has no actual correlation to seeing content yourself. It also helps to not use fuck and/or shit every 4th word. Despite what Sir Lewis says, “fuck” is not a comma.

That’s all for now, off to explore Northrend!