that old new thing

The Old Republic launches in just a few hours. What little time I’ve had free this holiday season has been spent furiously sabering in the headstart to get a jump on things. The guild is humming along nicely, so if’n you’re so inclined drop by and have a look.

The web-based guild program seems to be a great success for easing people into the process. We didn’t have to scramble for the 5k credits or run people all over creation quick-like to get our guild name on some arbitrary server. Everyone who was in the web guild was immediately prompted to join with their new character and the server selection screen handily notes our deployment server. For those keeping score, we landed on Shii-Cho.

The game itself is not without it’s bugs, but in my estimation it’s launching at the same level of polish and quality as WoW did way back. I accept that as a fairly beginning. Time will tell if they can really make this thing work, but I have to believe the BioWare is all-in on this title.

still, still alive

How easy it is to lose track of time. One finds oneself “getting by” doing only the things that are right in front of them. That’s been my year in a nutshell.

In the current economic climate I’m tremendously thankful that I’ve got a great job doing work I really care about, but the simple reality is the time available for indulgences like this site is pretty limited. I had planned to move the site off DreamHost and onto another provider, but after investigating a few popular ones I just couldn’t see a driving reason. It doesn’t seem like anyone out there can escape criticisms that make my frustrations with DH seem meaningless – or at least meaningless when combined with the effort required to move a site wholesale.


The big news coming down the road is the launch of Old Republic in mid-December. I’m cautiously optimistic. At this point I’m honestly more worried about pulling enough people away from WoW to be fun and have access to 100% of the content. Rift couldn’t hold people, it was fairly foolish to think otherwise. Live and learn, I guess.

It’s probably worth mentioning that yes, I am a TINY bit interested in playing a Monk in WoW. I loved my Monk in EQ and I have yet to play a good game that “got monks right”. I don’t think WoW will either, at least not the way I want, but I bet it’ll get close. They’re promising a TON of character animation (and a host of new ones for existing classes/races) so they may have something.

It’s still WoW, though. That doesn’t change. In … 90 (Jesus!) levels it’ll be back to the same stuff that I don’t really enjoy anymore just like now. The Diablo 3 for free thing on a year pass subscription is certainly interesting though. You’re effectively getting a really expensive copy of Diablo and a year to play (or not play) WoW. Or reverse that, I guess. Meh? I didn’t really plan on buying D3 to begin with…

Interesting times, at any rate.